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Well, my almost week long near-constant headache is pretty much gone today. I can still feel a lingering presence of it, but for the most part, it's gone. Finally. I'm uncertain if it was due to stress, slightly outdated eyeglasses prescription, the weather, my hair (which since has been cut. I do get more headaches when it's long) or some combination thereof.

Now I can start to enjoy the Halloween event on City of Heroes. Whee.
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Having completed my trial of City of Heroes/Villains, next I move on to...World of Warcraft for its ten day trial.

I can only chuckle, after being so reluctant to venture into the MMO game world, I'm trying out both, mostly because of two friends who want me to try out their respective favourite games. Hehe.

Ah, me. Should be interesting, at least, to compare the set-ups and style of both.

*kicks the slow download*

Oh and it seems *knocks on wood* that the dusting did help, because apart from one blip, so far the machine's been behaving, apart from some virtual memory problems, but that's likely the vid card. If I do choose to go with one of these games, an upgrade will be needed.

*Edit 4:00pm* Bleh spoke too soon, lil bugger just reset itself.


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