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mooncat_chelion: (kitty)

You want fries with that?

Just a prize short of a Happy Meal.

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Created on 2017-01-01 01:18:11 (#2688420), last updated 2017-07-28 (12 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Aug 26
Location:New Jersey, United States of America
((being revised))

As you can see listed above, I have many, many interests, of varying degrees of knowledge, enthusiasm and involvement.

I have an art journal, located at yellow_ocher, which rarely sees activity from me.

Sometimes I don't check to see if anyone's added me, so if it takes me a while to notice you, I'm not purposefully ignoring you, I just haven't looked at this page for a while.

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Interests (148):

80's music, african wild dogs,, amethyst, animal spirituality, animals, anime, anthropomorphics, bagpipes, baking, bast, big cats, books, caffiene, candles, captain harlock, cartoons, castles, cats, celtic, celtic folklore, celtic shamanism, chai, cheetahs, clive barker, collecting, comics, cooking, cowboy bebop, cross-stitch, cryptozoology, crystals, dinosaurs, doctor who, douglas adams, dr demento, dr pepper, dr who, dragons, drawing, egypt, fantasy, felines, firefly, folklore, folkmanis, fred saberhagen, furries, furry, furry art, furry lifestyle, furry spirituality, galaxy express 999, gargoyles, gothic, gryphons, horses, hybrids, hyenas, incense, ireland, jack the ripper, jeckyll and hyde, karma, leopards, les miserables, lexx, lifestyler, ligers, lightning, lion king, lions, lycanthropy, marcasite, mercedes lackey, miyazaki, monty python, museums, musicals, mythology, myths, nature, pagan, paganism, paleolithic animals, paleontology, paranormal, pern, phantom of the opera, photography, pirates, prehistoric mammals, puzzles, ranma 1/2, reading, red dwarf, reincarnation, role-playing games, root beer, rpgs, ruins, runes, sabertooths, sabre-tooth cats, salt water taffy, sci-fi, science fiction, sf, shamanism, shape shifters, sidhe, silver, sketching, smilodons, spirit animals, spirits, spirituality, star trek, stephen king, stone circles, storms, suburban jungle, sushi, swedish fish, swords, the lion king, therianthropy, they might be giants, thunder, thunder storms, thundercats, tigers, tmbg, tootsie rolls, totem animals, totems, toys, victorian, voltron, weird al, weirdness, werecats, werecreatures, werewolves, wicca, witchcraft, writing, x-men
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