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This is -not- how I envisioned my Friday evening. *changes password after password after password* Everywhere. All the passwords. Bleh.
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So I'm up to season 4, the current one, in Steven Universe and still quite enjoying it, with 15 more episodes to be completely caught up (but I've already seen a few already on tv prior to this binge). Some of the songs are goofy, and I suspect, deliberately bad, but a few I really like, for example this one is my current earworm. (not sure if it's my computer that's being weird, or youtube itself but sometimes when you click the link the image is blacked out. Just refresh it if so, and it should work)

Pearl (the one singing for those who haven't seen the show) is rapidly becoming one of my favourite characters. Oh, she's fussy, neurotic and a bit egotistical but that's what makes her interesting. I like that all the characters are flawed, and have issues to work through. Perfect characters are boring. Granted, too many flaws also makes characters unappealing, but I think the show's creators have struck a nice balance.

Also, Lion is awesome. :)
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So, recently I started watching Steven Universe, as they were playing a bunch on Cartoon Network last weekend. I'd seen the odd episode here and there, and some clips on YouTube and finally sat down in earnest. Much of what I saw last weekend was out of order, and missing episodes but that was enough to cement my interest. I'm currently working my way through the first season, in order, and very much enjoying it. They pack a lot of adult(not sexual per se, just adult...but on the other hand, some of those fusion dances...0_o) themes and messages in to a show comprised of 12 minute episodes. Yup, call me a fan now. :)
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Today was reasonably productive, got the bathtub caulk somewhat replaced (I scraped out the old stuff, hubby applied the new). Somewhat in that I didn't have to replace all of it, which was good. It also smells rather vinegary. Got meals cooked, laundry done, dishwasher unloaded and refilled, even walked to the nearby park and back. I really need to get new sneakers, these ones have been nothing but annoying since I bought them.

Now to continue my archive dive of Skin Horse.
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It snowed on the weekend, now it's going to be around 60 tomorrow, then snow again(possibly) this weekend. Wish the weather would make up its damned mind. It would also be nice to not wake up with a migraine looming, but I was able to take something this morning around 4 am and it stopped it, but it's lurking again , I can feel it. Blarg.

I suppose I should see about setting up the doctor's appointment that I meant to do once I got my new insurance cards, but it looks like Horizon sent me two dental cards, for the pediatric plan I don't need(but it's attached to the health plan so I get it whether or not I have kids), and can't get rid of.

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As evidenced by the title, I decided to spring for a paid account. Yey, I has my icons back. Very slightly miffed that I could use neither my Discover, nor the Amex gift card(but I know those can be fussy, so I wasn't overly annoyed) but my debit worked.

Cleared the snow(we got 7-ish inches on Saturday), like a boss...well, maybe High ranking management since I didn't do it all but I got the long ass sidewalk, the front walk and about half the driveway and the two cars. Hubby got the rest. Not that it matters too terribly much because it's supposed to be 59 and rainy on Wednesday and this will all be gone. Though it was nice that a couple of guys driving around in a truck, with a plow on the front, did stop to see if I needed help when I as working on the sidewalk. And the neighbour across the street was out on his front-end loader helping clear some of the side streets.
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Well, I completed one of my intended goals for today: going to the store to buy a few planners, one for work and one to track Prince's food, medicine and, kinda grossly, but his puke episodes as well. Never did get to A.C. Moore to pick up frames for the assorted arts in need of such. Ah well. Might aim to get that done Saturday if I feel like bothering, otherwise next Friday.

Had a nice meal at Cap'N Cat's, a seafood place in Franklinville, NJ, with hubby, and [ profile] lowen_kind. Soo much crab and shrimps and mussels and clams (which I didn't eat).


Jan. 4th, 2017 08:38 pm
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Kind of have that "sort of maybe coming down with something a little" feeling. Stupid sniffly coworkers. I doubt it will amount to much, I rarely get much past a light sniffle, if I even get sick at all.

Still, bleh.
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Well, I was going to post something earlier today, but got distracted...oh well.

I did, however, think of a Resolution (or project, since really, not many people stick to resolutions) that I will actually try to keep. Framing and hanging all the arts that are in need of such before buying any new arts. Honestly, I have close to 10 pieces that are either in need of hanging, frames or both.

AC '17

Jan. 1st, 2017 02:59 pm
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Just sent in my registration to Anthrocon, and managed to goof it up a little. Bleh. Sent an email to registration to hopefully get it corrected.

Edit: and it was fixed. Yay!
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Man, I'd forgotten that, for me anyway, one of the hardest parts of setting up an online blog/journal/thingy is picking the layout. *tinkertinker*


Dec. 31st, 2016 08:44 pm
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Imported from LJ:

As with many others, I have also decided to begin the migration process to Dreamwidth. The journal transfer thingy is chugging along as I type. Over there I am mooncat_chelion. I may keep LJ up, and cross post, or not. Not entirely sure what to do just yet, besides, I rarely post anyway..

And with how the site is acting, seems everyone's doing it, like, now. *pokes the transfer process*
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So, Prince, my 14 year old little booger butt of a cat, went to the vet today. He was developing lumps on his upper and lower lips on one side, plus had the scabbed remains of another on his chin. He'd gotten them before but since I just noticed them figured I'd stop them from getting worse. I also had him weighed because he felt thinner to me but nope, he's still 11 pounds. His hips felt boney but that could be age.

The vet checked him out, gave him an antibiotic shot and recommended switching his plastic bowls to metal ones, as that could be the source of the lumps. It's worth a shot. His wet food is in a metal dish already but his water and dry food are in plastic. Hopefully the switch will help.
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One of the many fun things about Bioshock Infinite is the "old-timey" covers of more modern songs. I just encountered this one in a bar. Took me a minute to recognize it under the random other stuff happening in the room. :)

Pika, Pika.

Jul. 9th, 2016 12:05 pm
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Because I am a dork I downloaded Pokémon Go. While walking around to see if any were near my house, I spied a chipmunk on my front step. Little bastard wouldn't go in the Pokéball, though. ;) But I did catch a Bulbasaur, so yay. Stupid Squirtle was in the middle of the road, and the Charmander was in the neighbour's yard. 'course I learn after grabbing the Bulbasaur, and then the servers going phooey, that you only need to be within 20 feet of your target to try and catch it. Next time, Charmander, I'll get you next time....

In other gaming, Bioshock Infinite is a pretty, pretty game. My graphics card is a little old, even with up to date drivers, Steam still yells at me when I load the game. So I dialed back the quality a bit and happily even at Medium graphics quality it's purty. The one thing I do not really like is the save function. I'm used to saving...pretty much constantly in a game. This one saves at certain points that I can't control. But that's a minor quibble, at most.
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Oooh, hello there free Half-Life 2 mod. *yoinks* You other games will have to wait, mama's got a new distraction
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Well, finally finished Go Set a Watchman (shakes fist at the stupid busy week that took up her reading time). Overall, I was...ok-ish with it. It was rough at times, probably half of it was Jean Louise/Scout reminiscing on her childhood, and was occasionally hard to follow who was speaking. It apparently was the first draft of what later became To Kill a Mockingbird. (I also learned that Harper Lee was friends with Truman Capote and helped him research material for his book In Cold Blood Neat.) Anyway...On to the issue at hand. Spoilers, duh )

Final thoughts: I'm ambivalent to this work. It may be worth a read, just to see the origins of To Kill a Mockingbird. It is a rough and flawed story, reflecting the rough and flawed nature of the characters within.
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Previous months )
My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic V.2(comic)-Heather Nuhfer
Anonyponymous: The Forgotten People Behind Everyday Words-John Bemelmans Marciano
Attack on Titan V.1(manga)-Hajime Isayama

Edit: Well it's safe to say I did a crap job this year of tracking my books. I shall endeavour to do better next year.
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For...reasons. I've moved this journal to (mostly) Friends Only status, but it won't be that terribly restrictive. Comment or PM to be added, if we've not met in real life, please let me know from where you know me. Thanks!
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This might actually be interesting to try: 52 week money saving challenge. Essentially, every week put away a dollar amount, either by starting with $1 on week one and increasing, or $52, and decreasing, since often money is tight in the later months for many people. And since it's a slow progression, it might be useful for those with less than stellar budgeting capabilities? Or simply make saving more accessible since it's done slowly, over time, Let's face it, most of can't easily just plunk down roughly $1300 and sock it away somewhere, but accumulating it slowly, $1, $5 there, makes it less intimidating.

All in all, it sounds interesting and I may try it, or something similar this year.


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