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It snowed on the weekend, now it's going to be around 60 tomorrow, then snow again(possibly) this weekend. Wish the weather would make up its damned mind. It would also be nice to not wake up with a migraine looming, but I was able to take something this morning around 4 am and it stopped it, but it's lurking again , I can feel it. Blarg.

I suppose I should see about setting up the doctor's appointment that I meant to do once I got my new insurance cards, but it looks like Horizon sent me two dental cards, for the pediatric plan I don't need(but it's attached to the health plan so I get it whether or not I have kids), and can't get rid of.

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As evidenced by the title, I decided to spring for a paid account. Yey, I has my icons back. Very slightly miffed that I could use neither my Discover, nor the Amex gift card(but I know those can be fussy, so I wasn't overly annoyed) but my debit worked.

Cleared the snow(we got 7-ish inches on Saturday), like a boss...well, maybe High ranking management since I didn't do it all but I got the long ass sidewalk, the front walk and about half the driveway and the two cars. Hubby got the rest. Not that it matters too terribly much because it's supposed to be 59 and rainy on Wednesday and this will all be gone. Though it was nice that a couple of guys driving around in a truck, with a plow on the front, did stop to see if I needed help when I as working on the sidewalk. And the neighbour across the street was out on his front-end loader helping clear some of the side streets.
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Hm, think I'll run my errands tomorrow, slid a bit while making a turn on my way back home earlier today.

Stupid weather.
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So the snow has started to fall. It's not bad at all, but I'm still glad I got my errands done today, even with the delay of my car needing service, some kind of recall on the Fiesta, nothing major. I don't mind driving in snow, if I have to, it's the other idiots on the road that make me leery of going out, even a light dusting makes them all blow a gasket.

But, I have food and beer. I'm good for whatever the weather brings. *sips a Yuengling Bock. It's interesting, slight bitterness, but not bad*

and now, to celebrate the snowfall, hubby is playing winter/holiday themed music on the player piano.
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Well whaddya know, snow!
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So, a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for this evening. Joy. *battens down the hatches*
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Our propane grill bit the big one, so we won't be able to use that to cook when the power goes out. Blah. Memo to self: invest in small charcoal-based grill for the future. Just a few more things need to be done before the weather turns nasty: I have to take in the bird feeders, finish laundry, get candles situated in strategic locations, etc. Hubby's parents will be here in a few hours, as they live in one of the mandatory evacuation zones. My car's been stashed in the garage as it is wee and would sustain more damage than the Charger, which is a freakin' tank. And in the event of us needing to flee, which is unlikely but one never knows, that's the better car to have on the road. It's powerful, heavy and can hold a lot more than my Fiesta.

Edit 9:15am:and the rain has begun a few minutes ago.

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Well, they're evacuating the barrier islands (Atlantic City, Longport, etc), Cape May and a few other areas. As far as I know we should be fine, since we're a bit inland.

Gah, the grocery store is gonna be a mess tomorrow.
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Woo! Thunder and lightning. Come on rain!
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Currently, it's 98 degrees, with a heat index of 118. *melts*

I'm sure you desert-dwellers have it far worse, but still. Bleh.
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*peers outside, then opens windows*

Wow, what a difference from yesterday's cold, raw windy conditions. It's still pretty gusty out there, but an all around nicer day.

Now if this headache would go away, I'd be motivated to do a bit of gardening, perhaps. Or at least plan some gardening. Hehe.
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It's raining. Yay, melt that snow!

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So, the snow blower experiment failed. big time. *shakes a fist at the falling white stuff* Ah well, hubby can play with the new toy tomorrow morning and see how it handles. There's no point in starting to dig out now, the wind and remaining snow will just fill in whatever we manage to get done.

ah well.

and dragons:
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Rain, yay!

Water in the basement, not yay!

(Not flood proportions, but enough to saturate close to 10 towels over the course of the day.)

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Tornado Warning has passed, although the Severe Weather alert is on for at least another hour. We only lost power for a few minutes, and the cats have emerged from the basement. There's still a bit of thunder and loud rain but it's normal-ish now. We lost one tree in that brief spate of omgwindydownpourfromHades. Luckily it was one of the smaller ones and it fell parallel to the house. I'll take a picture in the morning when it's not raining.

This has taught me, however, that I am woefully unprepared for such an emergency, and this needs to be remedied. Even though tornadoes are uncommonly rare here in Joisey, Hurricanes and other such weather events are not. Better to be prepared for something that might never happen than to be scrambling around frantically if it does.
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The National Weather Service has issued a Tornado Warning. For several NJ counties, including the one where I live.

This should be...interesting.
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Well, it's a little on the cooler side still today but it's still good to have the windows open. Airs out the house a bit (not that the house smells, mind you, but a whole season of having it all shut up makes the air feel stale). I need to get to work planning what I want to plant this year, and then finding the necessary energy and motivation to go out and to it.

and dragons:
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Hm, looks like it's warming up a little out there, might as well do some snow/ice clearing after I finish my lunch.

Oh and a question for the etiquette gurus: how much time might be considered too long before one makes a thank-you gesture?

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Oh, so -now- it decides to snow.

Looks like it was the wrong day to close the office, since this might make getting out tomorrow difficult. (though in all likelihood over half the schedule would have canceled anyway)

Razzafrazzin' weather


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