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So, recently I started watching Steven Universe, as they were playing a bunch on Cartoon Network last weekend. I'd seen the odd episode here and there, and some clips on YouTube and finally sat down in earnest. Much of what I saw last weekend was out of order, and missing episodes but that was enough to cement my interest. I'm currently working my way through the first season, in order, and very much enjoying it. They pack a lot of adult(not sexual per se, just adult...but on the other hand, some of those fusion dances...0_o) themes and messages in to a show comprised of 12 minute episodes. Yup, call me a fan now. :)
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Today was reasonably productive, got the bathtub caulk somewhat replaced (I scraped out the old stuff, hubby applied the new). Somewhat in that I didn't have to replace all of it, which was good. It also smells rather vinegary. Got meals cooked, laundry done, dishwasher unloaded and refilled, even walked to the nearby park and back. I really need to get new sneakers, these ones have been nothing but annoying since I bought them.

Now to continue my archive dive of Skin Horse.
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Well, I completed one of my intended goals for today: going to the store to buy a few planners, one for work and one to track Prince's food, medicine and, kinda grossly, but his puke episodes as well. Never did get to A.C. Moore to pick up frames for the assorted arts in need of such. Ah well. Might aim to get that done Saturday if I feel like bothering, otherwise next Friday.

Had a nice meal at Cap'N Cat's, a seafood place in Franklinville, NJ, with hubby, and [ profile] lowen_kind. Soo much crab and shrimps and mussels and clams (which I didn't eat).
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Well, I was going to post something earlier today, but got distracted...oh well.

I did, however, think of a Resolution (or project, since really, not many people stick to resolutions) that I will actually try to keep. Framing and hanging all the arts that are in need of such before buying any new arts. Honestly, I have close to 10 pieces that are either in need of hanging, frames or both.


Dec. 31st, 2016 08:44 pm
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Imported from LJ:

As with many others, I have also decided to begin the migration process to Dreamwidth. The journal transfer thingy is chugging along as I type. Over there I am mooncat_chelion. I may keep LJ up, and cross post, or not. Not entirely sure what to do just yet, besides, I rarely post anyway..

And with how the site is acting, seems everyone's doing it, like, now. *pokes the transfer process*

Pika, Pika.

Jul. 9th, 2016 12:05 pm
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Because I am a dork I downloaded Pokémon Go. While walking around to see if any were near my house, I spied a chipmunk on my front step. Little bastard wouldn't go in the Pokéball, though. ;) But I did catch a Bulbasaur, so yay. Stupid Squirtle was in the middle of the road, and the Charmander was in the neighbour's yard. 'course I learn after grabbing the Bulbasaur, and then the servers going phooey, that you only need to be within 20 feet of your target to try and catch it. Next time, Charmander, I'll get you next time....

In other gaming, Bioshock Infinite is a pretty, pretty game. My graphics card is a little old, even with up to date drivers, Steam still yells at me when I load the game. So I dialed back the quality a bit and happily even at Medium graphics quality it's purty. The one thing I do not really like is the save function. I'm used to saving...pretty much constantly in a game. This one saves at certain points that I can't control. But that's a minor quibble, at most.
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Oooh, hello there free Half-Life 2 mod. *yoinks* You other games will have to wait, mama's got a new distraction
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Well, being off on a Wednesday certainly feels odd. Not that I'm complaining, a fellow desk-monkey needed Friday off to go to her brother's college graduation so we swapped. And I get to see Blues Traveler on Friday night as well; they're playing at Harrah's. I only know a few songs, but hey, free tickets are free tickets :).

We also saw the new Star Trek movie this past Friday and I quite liked it. I know there's folks out there who do not like this interpretation of the Star Trek universe and that's fine, they are entitled to dislike it for whatever reasons they have. I tend to view this new version as completely separate from the old one. I liked the original series rather a lot but I also like this newer one as well. Also Benedict Cumberbatch. Yay.

Saturday was spent in Cape May with [ profile] lowen_kind, as the only two attendees of this year's CMFM. Hopefully, we can figure out a way to bolster attendance for next year.

A couple of Sundays ago my sister and I went to the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge (which is only maybe 30 minutes from my house, I must go back sometime soon) for her birthday and had some fun bird spotting. It seems there was an unusual visitor to the facility that day, a Bar-Tailed Godwit, not normally found in this area. Birders are very, very insane people. Passionate, but insane (and I mean this in a good way). Everyone we talked to on our visit was hunting for this bird, they had driven miles and miles to see it. We kind of wanted to see it as well, just to see what the fuss was about, but alas, said birdy was feeling reclusive. I kind of envied them, their passion and so forth. I consider myself a fan of of quite a few things, but not with any great "omg, I -have- to go here, or to that con or buy -that- thing", I don't research artists or actors or collect memorabilia or memorize episodes of shows or read the books in a series over and over and over again(well, except for a few series). Just once, I'd kind of like to feel that level of dedication, that level of inclusion and passion about, well, anything.

also, dragons:
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1883 Krakatoa erupts with increasingly large explosions kills 36,000
1920 19th amendment passes - women's suffrage granted
1929 1st U.S. roller coaster built
1946 George Orwell published "Animal Farm"
1981 Voyager 2 takes photo's of Saturn's moon Titan

And somewhere in there, I was born.

So, I turn the big "Four-Oh" today. Um...yippee? I don't feel much different. There is the annual "What the hell have I done with my life and goddamn where has the time gone?" feeling, coupled with "Ok, what now?". There is much that I wanted to have accomplished before now, and haven't. I suppose that is true of most of us; we all have our missed opportunities, unrealized dreams and aspirations, decisions that resulted in things we would rather they hadn't.

Whiny shit, ignore if you want )

But then, there are years ahead that hold the chance to do...something, anything that can be considered an accomplishment. It's not like everything ends now that I'm 40, everything didn't end when I turned 30 either, no Logan's Run-esque death in "Carousel" or being chased down by a Sandman because I had the audacity to keep going. So maybe I didn't realize the dream of going to Africa by the time I turned 40. It'll still be there when I turn 41, or even 42. (I should do something amazing that year, just because). Or hell, when I turn 50.(providing the world doesn't end in a couple of months, hehe) I will see Australia some day, and Japan and climb a Mayan pyramid. But for now, I'm going to go eat barbeque. And fold laundry. Woo, I'm such a party animal.
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On Friday, my sister and I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. (no we didn't run up the front stairs Rocky-style). We decided to ride the train into the city, as she lives moderately close to one of the PATCO stations and frankly, driving/parking in the city stinks. We got off at 8th and Market and walked a few blocks to the Independence Hall Visitor Center to catch something called The Phlash, a sort of purplish trolly that had a stop near the museum.

It was at the visitor center that we encountered Shouty Man, who I at first took to be a rather cranky racist, as he growled "Get out of my goddamn way right now" at the black woman handing out information pamphlets at the entrance to the center, then he mouthed off to a young black man yet later I saw him being all cheery to a white man. But, as I watched, and two park rangers/security personnel approached (who were also black yet he didn't flip out at them), it became more possible that Shouty Man may have, instead, been off his medication, on something, or was unbalanced in some way, as he seemed to space out several times while the rangers were talking to him, trying to keep him calm, offering to get him a sandwich etc. Finally a woman arrived, 'claimed' Shouty and led him off, so at least he's being looked after.

We spent a good few hours waking in the museum and saw...probably one quarter of the collection. It's friggin huge! Definitely must go back to see more, but we did see the Arms and Armour exhibit, the collection of European art from 1100-1500(which was pretty neat, some lovely tapestries and such) and the Asian art wing. Too tired to do much more, which means we didn't get to the Rodin museum, we headed back home. As we drove through the apartment complex where my sister lives, I saw three guys walking along, one who appeared to be half out of a brown fuzzy costume (not sure if was a bear or something else suit). Hm, furries in Medford?

I found myself wishing that I lived closer to a train station, besides Atlantic City because I hate going there, so that I could venture into Philly more frequently.

Then today was random MLP moment. Hubby and I stopped in Advance Auto Parts in Somers Point a little after lunch to pick up something, and as we were walking out I spotted a black Ford F-150 with 3 apple decals, which looked remarkably like Applejack's cutie mark, and sure enough, on the other side, near the right rear wheel, was a small vinyl AJ sticker.

And I pulled a muscle in my shoulder/upper back, hurts to move. Owie.
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Busy weekend so far. Yesterday we had a small garage sale, looking to offload some old tools and car parts that...well...actually let me start at the beginning.

For a while now, we'd been renting garage space for the Model A, a 1923 Buick (which has been sold) and a bunch of old tools, parts and whatnot that hubby and his brother received from their grandfather. But now that we don't need garage space for two vehicles, the Model A will be moved to our garage, along with what tools we decided to keep. One of the items we, as of yet, have been unable to sell is a MIG welder, which neither of us has any idea how to use. (Anyone want *to buy a welder?)

Going through the old tools was neat, especially when finding things that I had no clue what they were. Even the old boxes were neat, small metal tins for glass fuses, old advertisements, odd metal bits etc.

Next week, they'll move the last few items from the garage, including a spare engine, the welder and a few random other things. Then, at least, there'll be $120 less of an expense per month that we'll have to worry about. Which is good. 'Specially these days.

(Edit to add *to buy. Sorry I should have mentioned that the hubby still wants to sell it.)

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Well, I got some things accomplished today: did the grocery shopping, got the car washed, picked up pet food (and more bird feeding supplies, curse you PetSmart for having neat things), but did not successfully complete the task of finding more Mirin. I went to three grocery stores, none of them had it. There is a fourth one that I can try but after random frustrations and derpy happenings on both my part and a few other folks on the road/in the stores, I don't wanna go out again today. Tired. Fork. Done. If only we had a Trader Joe's or a Whole Foods(we were supposed to get one but it fell through) that wasn't at least a 45 minute drive away, I'm sure I could find it there. The asian supermarket would probably have it, but it's annoying to get to and is in a somewhat sketchy area.

Oh well.
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A.C. is fixed, yey! Though it wreaked havoc on my day as I had to leave work for a bit in order to run home to let the repair guy in. Hubby had some place he had to be this afternoon, so I zipped home for a bit and waited while the guy replaced the blower on the unit, as ours had mangled itself. One or two of the blades..fins...whatever had failed and it just ripped itself apart over the past few days.

Also, sad day. Yesterday we spotted an injured hawk outside the office (which apparently had been hanging out on the ground for a few days but this was the first I heard of it) and tried to get someone to come get it but all the municipal numbers we called kept fobbing us off on some other department so finally we called a patient of ours for advice. She works at a wildlife rehab facility and is trained to work with raptors. She was kind enough to come out yesterday to try and find the hawk but couldn't, and today it was dead, likely hit by a car. Our patient did mention that a lot of young hawks had been dying of the West Nile virus, so I played phone roulette again today to try and get someone to collect the carcass, just in case. Someone came and got it fairly quickly.

It was annoying because no one (save our patient) was able to help when the bird was alive but when she/he was dead, they responded quickly. Oh well, sorry hawk. We tried.
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So, in a sort of last minute "hey, let's go do something" fit, we went to Six Flags Great Adventure, in Jackson, NJ, arriving shortly after opening. First up was Nitro, probably one of my favourite coasters. Next was Batman: The Ride, an older steel coaster, but still fun. The big disappointment of the day was the new Batman themed ride, The Dark Knight. (This replaced Batman and Robin: The Chiller, which was a dreadful ride, and usually broken. My one ride on that was very painful, so i was not sorry to see it go.) It's an indoor coaster, where you ride in the dark, much like Skull Mountain, and just like Skull Mountain, it was weak. Very weak. I was excited at first as the theming was great, the little pre-ride show was well done, but then...the coaster. Bah. It was basically a glorified Wild Mouse, just in the dark. In fact, we rode Skull Mountain next to compare, and as much as that ride is a let down, it was better than the Dark Knight.

We hopped on the Skyway to the other side of the park, spotting two repairmen hanging out on one of the cars, seemingly unconcerned that they were probably a hundred feet off the ground. Then we rode on Runaway Mine Train only because there was no line. Ordinarily it's not part of our rotation. It was the first steel coaster in the park, and it's feeling its age. Rough ride. We paused for lunch and to cool off a bit then headed over to Bizarro, which used to be Medusa. Next we finally got to ride El Toro as the last time we were in the park it was down for maintenance and we hadn't been back in a few years. It was awesome! Easily my favourite wooden coaster, and a strong contender for favourite ride ever.

Rolling Thunder was next. It's a classic wooden coaster, and has held up well over its 30+ years of operation, but it is a bit rough and noisy. We opted against Kingda Ka as we were getting tired so we went to check out The Green Lantern but decided that the posted 90 minute wait was just too long. Oh well, next time.

All in all, was a fun, if tiring and hot, day.
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So, let be tell you, O Intarwebs, of an experience I had on Friday while doing the grocery shopping. As I stood there, contemplating cleaning products, a woman approached me offering a letter her neighbour had written. (She offered another to the other person in the aisle with me, I don't know if they took it or not) Why not, I thought, could be good for some amusement, since I saw written in small letters in the upper left corner the word "hellfire". Now, I'll note, I've been told that I'm going to hell before, and likely will be told that again at some point in my oft frustrating and confusing life. (and considering the list of those who are hellbound, most of my friends will be there anyway. woo, party.)

Anyway, I go home and open the envelope. Contained within are three handwritten (front only), in cursive no less, loose-leaf pages. Well, if someone went to the trouble to write it, I might as well give it a skim. Surprisingly, it wasn't doom and gloom and hellfire and damnation. More of a moderate, hey we're all sinners and god's pretty ok with that, just try to do good, mmmkay? A pleasant change from the usual stuff that gets around. Mind you, I'd say that I'm Agnostic with leanings toward Secular Humanism, so I'm pretty ambivalent on the whole eternal damnation thing anyway. I don't think we need a "burning, eternal punishment" as incentive to be decent people, we should...just be decent for the sake of being decent.

Under the cut is the letter I got, spelling errors, format and punctuation are as they appear in the original. (As I do not own a bible, I don't know if the quotes are actually from the listed books and chapters)

Supermarket letter of Doom! (well not really) )

The letter, I noticed, seemed to waver between the idea of we go to nothing when we die, and hints that there is something afterward, though not necessarily hell. Though it makes no allowance for what is to happen to one who is truly unrepentant. If hell, by this reasoning, does not exist (which is pretty much my thought anyway. Hell is a human construct from what I've been able to determine) then what become of those people? Another go 'round on the wheel of life? Snuffing out into the void eternal?

What say you, oh internets?

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I just had a brief, but polite text conversation with someone who had my number mixed up with another person's. I would have felt bad ignoring them, since they didn't seem to realize they'd mixed up the numbers until I responded. So, whoever you are out there in the Joliet area of Illinois (I looked up the sender's number on Didn't get a name but got an area), have a good day. Hehe.
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Well, my almost week long near-constant headache is pretty much gone today. I can still feel a lingering presence of it, but for the most part, it's gone. Finally. I'm uncertain if it was due to stress, slightly outdated eyeglasses prescription, the weather, my hair (which since has been cut. I do get more headaches when it's long) or some combination thereof.

Now I can start to enjoy the Halloween event on City of Heroes. Whee.
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Well, another birthday has come and gone (was the 26th). Was fairly quiet and unexciting. I worked, then went out to P.F. Chang's with the in-laws and hubby. Sister sent me an e-certificate to Dick Blick and I have a new 60mm macro lens to play with. *squee*

So, I'm 38 now. Er..whoopee?

more dragons:
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So, today was a fairly productive, if somewhat tiring day.

First came the usual grocery shopping and the various annoyances therein.

Next came the not as bad as I had anticipated shlep to Vineland to the T&F Camera Shop to finally get the Canon's sensor cleaned, after being unmotivated to do so for months. I'll need to test it out later and snap some shots. While I waited, as it would take a little over an hour to clean it, I explored Vineland a little bit and found a shopping center with a clothes store and a Toys R Us. This fit my day well, as I would have headed mall-ward after reclaiming my camera in order to buy a dress to wear for an upcoming wedding that we're going to, but I was able to save some time and browse while I waited for my camera. And I bought some Legos as well. Yey. I still ended up at the mall since I had to get a birthday card for my dad.

Then came a few other random things that needed to be done.

and now, bed *thud*
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I was mistaken for a store employee today while I was out food shopping, with my headphones on, and wearing a Busch Gardens t-shirt with a tiger on it. At least the fellow and I laughed about it. I've read stories about customers not believing folks when they say they don't work somewhere.

The funny thing is this is not the first time that people have thought that I worked wherever it was that I happened to be shopping.

Guess I just look like I know what I'm doing?



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