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Saratoga MonumentSaratoga Monument CloseupTombPainted HorseLock openingLakes to Locks Canon set 079
Lake George sunny shoreMisty MorningLakes to Locks Canon set 111Lakes to Locks Canon set 116Lakes to Locks Canon set 130King's Garden

Lakes to Locks to Montreal, a set on Flickr.

Pics from my recent vacation (I'm still working on the set but feel free to check out what I've already uploaded)

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Clouded Leopard by particlecat
Clouded Leopard, a photo by particlecat on Flickr.

A picture I took at the San Antonio zoo a couple of years ago.

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Mojo being cute by particlecat
Mojo being cute, a photo by particlecat on Flickr.

He's a funny old cat. Insists on being in the bathroom with me when I shower, even galumphing up the stairs 'meh'-ing at me when he hears me in there. (he's a big fatty, he galumphs). If the door is closed he whines at it until I open it. Doesn't care when it's the hubby in there, so I guess he's a voyeuristic old cat as well hehe. (and no, I didn't position him like this, he did it himself)
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And they're off!

Today I went to the Atlantic City Race Course, which is not in Atlantic City, but rather, Mays Landing. The track runs live races six days out of the year, so that for the remaining days they can simulcast and remain open. It was pretty crowded, and windy as hell, but we still had fun, and won a little bit of money, that hubby promptly used to buy a mini-fridge that he'd been wanting for his man-cave.

I did have an urge to shout "C'mon, Dover, move yer bloomin' arse!", but luckily, there were no horses with that name. The rest of my pictures are at my Flickr page, but I included a few more under the cut.

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Great Blue heron by particlecat
Great Blue heron, a photo by particlecat on Flickr.

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storm 1, tree 0 storm 1, tree 0
Tree in the backyard that was a casualty of the brief, but strong, winds and rain on July 25, 2010.

New Car New Car
My new car, a 2011 Ford Fiesta. Squee.

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Well, off to visit with the family for a belated birthday gathering. it's a semi-tradition with us to rarely celebrate a holiday/birthday etc on the day it occurs. This evolved mostly when my sister and I went off to our respective colleges, and random living places. For many years sis was out in California, and rarely got to visit. I don't mind delayed celebrations, it's like a whole second birthday really. :)

Tomorrow, if plans and weather cooperate, I, [ profile] feylan, and possibly another friend Jen, shall return to Longwood Gardens for Photo Day part 2.

and dragons:
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Tiger drinking
Originally uploaded by particlecat

It was a pretty good day at the Philadelphia Zoo, our latest photo adventure. The stroller patrol was out in force, as were a few rampaging hordes of what appeared to be Kindergarten outings, but on the whole, a good zoo day. Not too hot, occasional bits of sun, didn't get humid until we were leaving anyway. Oh, and they have self-serve ticket purchasing kiosks, for credit-card use, which we would not have seen had not a nice staffer pointed them out to us. Yay, no standing in line to buy tickets. You also pay for parking at the kiosk/windows, which makes sense, so that the attendants needn't carry cash and risk getting mugged.

After exploring the Zoo, we got a bit turned around trying to get back and ended up traveling through some...interesting sections of the city. But we found our way eventually, and lunch was had at the Cheesecake Factory in Cherry Hill, NJ which has a menu of epic proportions, along with more varieties of cheesecake than you can wave a fork at. The drive home was not as evil as I had feared, since on a summery weekend, heading Shore-ward is usually traffic hell. There was a back up for about a mile or so on 42 because of an accident, then it was smooth driving down the Expressway and parkway. My exit was backed up all the way to the parkway itself, but the cars moved quickly.

The rest of the uploaded ones, as of right now, are here. I'll probably upload more later. Also need to fix tags and descriptions as well but enjoy.

I also have more lion and tiger pics that I haven't uploaded yet, if anyone wants to see them.

Water Lily

Jun. 13th, 2009 07:44 pm
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Water Lily
Originally uploaded by particlecat

Ok, have some pics uploaded from the gardens now.
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Today was the second photo expedition by myself and a friend, with another friend along as well. We toured Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. Lovely place, and it's huge! We were there a good five hours and only saw about half of it. (we bailed because a storm was rolling in, but plan to return eventually)

Oog, tired.
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Originally uploaded by particlecat
Uploaded a few pictures of the feral cats that live near my parents' house.
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Wall with flowers
Originally uploaded by particlecat

Uploaded some of the pics I took. Not all have descriptions yet but feel free to have a look-see.


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