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Thank you all for your kind words. We decided to have him cremated and his ashes will be sent to Abbey Glen Pet Memorial Park where he will be mixed into a flowerbed.

Prince, our other cat, seems to be doing well. He was a bit confused on Monday and Tuesday, and still hesitates to go upstairs, which was Mojo's Domain, but still 'sneaks' up to hop on the bed at least once a night. He's a little more vocal now, and actually eating more than he used to. He was always a little intimidated by Mojo.

We're doing ok as well, for the most part.
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Mojo, my beloved fuzzbutt, passed away on Monday. He was about 12/13, we adopted him in March of 2001, and he was already a year, year and half old, maybe even more. He just...went downhill over the weekend, acting kind of blah on Saturday and Sunday, he wasn't eating but I still didn't think it was anything serious, because Prince recently had had a cold and had acted the same. Even so, I figured I'd take him to the vet on Monday just to be sure, maybe he had a toothache, since he's had tooth problems before. Well, Monday morning about 4 am I awoke to him making unhappy meows, and saw him next to the bed and he'd vomited bile, I guess, from the smell.

I called the vet as soon as they opened at 8, got an appointment for 9:40, and waited, feeling sick. He myowled a few more times and I tried to comfort him as best I could, and my heart sank when I put the carrier in front of him and he just ...walked in. He never, ever did that before. He died on the vet's table about 10am. The doctor figured it was a blood clot, based on how he was acting, his gums were very pale, so he was anemic. His passing was quick, and I'm sure he hurt, but I at least got to say goodbye. Part of me regrets that his last moment was spent in a place he hated to go, being picked up by strangers, but I think it would have been worse to come home from work and find him, and know he would have died scared and alone. I still wonder if maybe, if I'd called the emergency line on Sunday....but, no, he would have gone all the same.

He was a special cat, holder of many roles in the house: guardian of the stairs, protector of shoes, shower supervisor, exercise 'coach'. He was my shadow, my constant companion, he greeted us at the door when we came home, woke us up in the morning whether we wanted it or not, and often slept on the bed next to me.

It hurts. I still expect to see him meowing at me through the window when I get home every day. Every dark blob I see out of the corner of my eye I think is him. It will hurt for a long time. But at least he doesn't hurt anymore. I'll miss you, buddy.
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Mojo being cute by particlecat
Mojo being cute, a photo by particlecat on Flickr.

He's a funny old cat. Insists on being in the bathroom with me when I shower, even galumphing up the stairs 'meh'-ing at me when he hears me in there. (he's a big fatty, he galumphs). If the door is closed he whines at it until I open it. Doesn't care when it's the hubby in there, so I guess he's a voyeuristic old cat as well hehe. (and no, I didn't position him like this, he did it himself)
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accent meme stolen from [ profile] u_t_tiger: here )

Which I suppose makes sense. I was born in North Jersey, grew up in Connecticut, and now live in South Jersey. Dad is from Michigan and mom from Ireland. My speech patterns tend to be a mish-mosh of all sorts of regions.

In Mojo new: he went for his follow-up two weeks ago and, you guessed it, needs another round of antibiotics to clear the last traces of the Bartonella from his system. He ran when he saw the towel that we use to make a kitty burrito out of him to give him his meds. Poor little booger. This new stuff is also bright red (with oh so powerful staining abilities), and smells like tuna. Day 1 down, 20 more to go.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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He went to the vet yesterday, got his distemper shot, and I'd wanted him to be checked out after the antibiotics. Turns out the follow-up test for Bartonella is about 6 months after the treatment we won't know until January-ish if the treatment worked. But, the vet said his mouth condition was considerably improved, and he's put back the weight he lost during all the 'fun' of his assorted treatments.

Got my hair cut yesterday too, chopped off a good 6-7 inches, much to the dismay of the stylist. Hehe. (Though perhaps it was more out of caution...I'm sure people have gone in before wanting their long hair cut off and then flipping out afterward...bah) It feels weird, and will take getting used to but it'll be easier to care for, especially at Anthrocon, where letting it air-dry as I usually do would waste a good few hours, and I hate blow drying my hair when it was as long as it was. It just gets in my face a bit more now, but I can deal with that...or get barrettes or something.

Must remember to get it re-trimmed for vacation trippage later this year.
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He started on his new meds today, and while they didn't smell all that great, he didn't seem to mind the taste. New stuff is thicker than the previous antibiotics and is harder to get out of the syringe.

The Vet never called me back about the infection in his nail, so I tried calling today around 1 but they work half days on Saturday, I guess, because they were closed. (Though it's great that they have any hours on the Weekend, we don't, but we have two late nights to compensate) So I left a message. That's twice they haven't called me. Granted, this time she'd (the doctor) said for me to call if I hadn't heard from her by the end of the week, but I'd called previously about Mojo's hair loss and they never responded. Now, I know from experience that it gets hectic in any variety of Doctor office, goodness knows we have days that make us wonder if the looney bin exploded and dumped all its residents on our doorstep, but even a quick 'hey, I haven't found out anythig yet but I'm still looking into it' type call would be appreciated. Ah well.

19 more days of this new antibiotic, then hopefully no more Bartonella and Mojo will be free to spend his days without being rolled up in a towel daily and having medicine forced upon him. He does seem to be doing well, though, he was even begging for his dinner, like the little booger he was before all this started. :) I was quite glad to hear that demanding meow at food time.

*hm I need a Mojo icon, if I'm going to be recounting all his veterinary adventures. For now, Prince will have to suffice* Edit: grumpy Mojo pic ahoy
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Took Mojo to the vet this morning for his follow up. He will be on the antibiotics for another week, since his gums were good, but not great. The culture results had come back, showing normal bacteria present in his mouth, but he did test positive for Bartonella (since he's an indoor cat we don't have to worry about fleas or ticks acting as a vector for it), which might explain why he lost that third tooth. The vet also examined the bare patches on his neck and saw no trace of fungal problems, or fleas, so he's likely scratching himself out of stress. She recommended getting a flea comb, because it does help pull out extra fur when grooming, so he doesn't ingest it if he's licking himself a lot. There's also a possible infection in one of his nail beds.

Once he finishes this week of antibiotics, he gets another three weeks of a different antibiotic which should hopefully clear his system of the Bartonella. He's not gonna be happy with us for the next month. *sighs*

Then after that adventure, it was off to catch the second half of the Cape May Furmeet. Picked up a few neat toys, a cat toy (of which both Mojo and Prince approve), candy, some sandalwood incense and a nifty little soapstone burner. Feet are hurting a bit, I really should get new sneakers, my current ones should have been replaced a long time ago.

I need to get out more, because even that small crowd made me nervous, shy, and twitchy. Bleh. I is a hermit.

Oh, and as usual, dragons:

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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It appears that he's lost another tooth. I don't even know when, since I can't get a good look in his mouth when I'm trying to give him his antibiotics. Lower left canine now. *sighs* Well, he's got an appointment with the vet on Saturday, we'll see what they say then. I only hope I wasn't too rough with him, trying to get his mouth open this whole week, but his teeth were probably doomed for a while now. Still feel guilty, like any pet 'parent' would.
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He's getting better at drooling out the antibiotics. Sneaky lil bugger, but he's definitly feeling better. He's out and about in the house, tail's higher and he seems more confident now. Only 5 more days of antibiotics to go.

The new Star Trek was really good, I'd even go so far as to say great. :) We saw it at the IMAX theater in Atlantic City today.

spoilerific commentary within )

and more dragons:

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


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