Mar. 14th, 2013 08:18 pm
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So, physicists may actually have found a Higgs Boson particle. Well....according to Lexx, we're doomed. Yey!

( Wikipedia quote: In the science fantasy series Lexx, it is said that planets which develop on a path similar to Earth are type 13 planets which are sometimes destroyed by all-out nuclear war, but it is much more common for such planets to be obliterated by physicists attempting to determine the precise mass of the Higgs boson particle. The particle colliders used to perform the calculations reach critical mass at the moment the mass of the particle is known, causing an implosion which destroys the planet and then collapses it into a nugget of super-dense matter "roughly the size of a pea." The mass of the particle was a repeating 131313 matching the name "type 13 planet" and this also is in the predicted range of the particle's mass.)
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Lately, I've been watching the new (ok, not so new, since it came out in what..2005? So, I'm slow) Battlestar Galactica. I was resistant to watching it for rather a long time, until pretty much now in fact, despite the assurances that it was good, because when I was younger I loved the -hell- out of the original series(Battlestar Galactica 1980...ehh...not so much), and given my usual grumpyness about reboots, I grumped along for years until I finally agreed to give it a shot.

I find that I'm enjoying this, even with the changes to the characters (Boomer and Starbuck are female, Zack/Zak Adama is already dead, etc etc). There are lots of homages to the original series mixed in with the new story too, and thankfully, only a glimpse of Boxey, the annoying kid from the original series, and -no- robot dog daggit. Yey.
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Recently, my long-suffering external hard drive gave up the ghost and decided not to work. I took it to the computer guys who also keep the office machines happy and healthy, and had them take a look. Sadly, it was hosed. Utterly and completely. Nothing was recoverable, which sucks because I had several computers worth of data on there.

The good news was the drive from the previous computer, which had the motherboard go pfft, is functional. I got that set up in a case just now and am transferring everything of value, since I also signed up for Carbonite. Whew. Never again will I be that stupid as to only have one source of backup.

Lesson. Firmly. Learned.


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