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This was certainly not something I expected to see when I looked out my kitchen window a little while ago. (click on image to embiggen)

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Clouded Leopard by particlecat
Clouded Leopard, a photo by particlecat on Flickr.

A picture I took at the San Antonio zoo a couple of years ago.

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The new birdfeeder by particlecat
The new birdfeeder, a photo by particlecat on Flickr.

Squirrel-proof, my butt.

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Not two minutes after I installed and filled the new birdfeeder, a Tufted Titmouse came over to investigate.

I guess they all know if they see me outside, odds are I've just refilled the feeders.

Yey, birdies.
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A.C. is fixed, yey! Though it wreaked havoc on my day as I had to leave work for a bit in order to run home to let the repair guy in. Hubby had some place he had to be this afternoon, so I zipped home for a bit and waited while the guy replaced the blower on the unit, as ours had mangled itself. One or two of the blades..fins...whatever had failed and it just ripped itself apart over the past few days.

Also, sad day. Yesterday we spotted an injured hawk outside the office (which apparently had been hanging out on the ground for a few days but this was the first I heard of it) and tried to get someone to come get it but all the municipal numbers we called kept fobbing us off on some other department so finally we called a patient of ours for advice. She works at a wildlife rehab facility and is trained to work with raptors. She was kind enough to come out yesterday to try and find the hawk but couldn't, and today it was dead, likely hit by a car. Our patient did mention that a lot of young hawks had been dying of the West Nile virus, so I played phone roulette again today to try and get someone to collect the carcass, just in case. Someone came and got it fairly quickly.

It was annoying because no one (save our patient) was able to help when the bird was alive but when she/he was dead, they responded quickly. Oh well, sorry hawk. We tried.
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America's Favorite Animal Shelter Contest - help your animal shelter win $15,000 - vote today!, in conjunction with the ASPCA, is having a contest where you can vote for an animal shelter you like, and the winning shelter will receive $15000. If you do have one you would like to see win, click on over here and see if it's listed. If not, why not click on the above image to help mine?

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Several days ago I hung a thistle sock in the back yard to hopefully attract goldfinches, among other thistle eating birds. Well, I finally saw one, a female, feeding from it. Yey!


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