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This is -not- how I envisioned my Friday evening. *changes password after password after password* Everywhere. All the passwords. Bleh.
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Recently, my long-suffering external hard drive gave up the ghost and decided not to work. I took it to the computer guys who also keep the office machines happy and healthy, and had them take a look. Sadly, it was hosed. Utterly and completely. Nothing was recoverable, which sucks because I had several computers worth of data on there.

The good news was the drive from the previous computer, which had the motherboard go pfft, is functional. I got that set up in a case just now and am transferring everything of value, since I also signed up for Carbonite. Whew. Never again will I be that stupid as to only have one source of backup.

Lesson. Firmly. Learned.
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A friend of mine pointed me towards this: Code Hero, a video game that teaches people to make video games. It has a Kickstarter campaign that may not succeed, so I thought I'd boost the signal.
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Stuck on the laptop again, main computer went pfft today. Got the computer guys checking it out. I just hope the HD isn't fragged, I was stupid and neglected to run a backup recently.
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I think my old wireless mouse is starting to die. It intermittently responds poorly, and sometimes I have to click on something several times in order for it to register. Not the batteries, as they're pretty fresh still. Blah.

Anyone have any brands they prefer/recommend? Ideally wireless.
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Compooter is fixed. Whee!
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Well, heard from the computer guys today. They need to order a new power supply, but they're not going to charge me since it was so soon after they installed the one that's currently dying. Guess I just have bad luck with them, since I don't abuse the computer or try to push its performance beyond the normal limits and I clean it regularly.

*twitches from game withdrawals*
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On the old laptop again as I had to take the computer in to be looked at. The power supply fan started being really noisy and sounded, at times, like it was fluctuating in speed. Luckily the guys who installed the current psu gave me a 6 month guarantee on it and it's only been 2.5 or so months so far.

Annnd of course, now that I can't be on the main machine is when I really feel like playing the games I have on it. Bah.

Could be worse. Could have no computer. I'd probably implode. *pats the old clunky laptop*
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Computer is back and so far behaving well (I'm giving it a run through now). I was right, the power supply went bad. They set me up with a 're-certified' unit, guaranteed for 6 months. (if I had chosen to go with a brand new one they'd have had to special order it and it would have cost almost twice as much) We'll see how long it lasts, the old one had a good two years behind it before it tanked.

*hugs her 'puter* Yey. Now to ease those City of Heroes/Villains cravings. Woot. *and back up everything else that I didn't backup before I left for the con (i backed up a few things but gonna double check everything else that I wanna keep is safe and stored in the external).
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I know it's silly but I do find myself feeling somewhat disappointed whenever my anti-virus/malware/badstuff scans say 'nothing found'.

I mean, it's not that I -want- my machine to be infested, I just wonder if they're actually working when they consistently say that nothing's there.
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I just bought a new computer on Wednesday (nice system too: quad core, 5 gigs of RAM, nVidia 9000 series card, etc) and this morning it didn't want to work. I think the power supply may be faulty. The computer wouldn't power on when I set it up on Thursday, but then did when I swapped power cords between the new and old machines and figured ok, bum cord, but this morning it was dead to the world and no amount of cord swapping or trying different outlets would work. And it's not the power strip either, since everything else plugged into it is working fine *knocks wood* Meh. Gonna take it back to the store later today and see if they can fix it there. *sighs* Ah well at least this machine still works *glares at it to make sure it will continue to work*

Going to go see the new batman movie too, so there's some fun...and if things go well computer-wise I might be able to salvage some online roleplay later tonight.

And, as always, dragons to click, view or ignore:
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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It seems I managed to install it with no major problems *fingers crossed*. It was surprisingly easy. Hopefully this will work. Beastie is now the, at the moment, content owner of a new GeForce 7300 GT video card. I looked to try and disable the old Radeon, but couldn't find it on the device manager, so I'm guessing it's no'talking' to the computer?

Hoo, now to tinker with display settings, things look different. Sound different too, with the extra fan running in there.

Shiny Box

Jun. 8th, 2007 01:18 pm
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Well, I bought a new video card for the beastie, and almost came home with an external hard drive as well. Evil, evil store. Now I just have to install it. *eyes the box* Er...dammit I'm almost scared to do it. If you hear a loud explosion from the depths of Southern New Jersey...that was probably me.


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