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So I'm up to season 4, the current one, in Steven Universe and still quite enjoying it, with 15 more episodes to be completely caught up (but I've already seen a few already on tv prior to this binge). Some of the songs are goofy, and I suspect, deliberately bad, but a few I really like, for example this one is my current earworm. (not sure if it's my computer that's being weird, or youtube itself but sometimes when you click the link the image is blacked out. Just refresh it if so, and it should work)

Pearl (the one singing for those who haven't seen the show) is rapidly becoming one of my favourite characters. Oh, she's fussy, neurotic and a bit egotistical but that's what makes her interesting. I like that all the characters are flawed, and have issues to work through. Perfect characters are boring. Granted, too many flaws also makes characters unappealing, but I think the show's creators have struck a nice balance.

Also, Lion is awesome. :)
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So, recently I started watching Steven Universe, as they were playing a bunch on Cartoon Network last weekend. I'd seen the odd episode here and there, and some clips on YouTube and finally sat down in earnest. Much of what I saw last weekend was out of order, and missing episodes but that was enough to cement my interest. I'm currently working my way through the first season, in order, and very much enjoying it. They pack a lot of adult(not sexual per se, just adult...but on the other hand, some of those fusion dances...0_o) themes and messages in to a show comprised of 12 minute episodes. Yup, call me a fan now. :)


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